Top 4 human rights violations around the world

Human rights violations are taking place throughout the world all the time. Some of these occur very frequently. Here are the most human rights violations occurrences around the world.

1. Right to freedom of conscience, thought and religion

This right gives a human being the freedom to change his or her religion or belief and worship in their way. But in many countries, people don’t have this right. There have been violent activities between people of different religions. This is very significant in countries like India, Afghanistan, Algeria, Brazil, and many other countries.

2. No one should be a victim of torture or cruelty

In Brazil, torture is a common practice, especially in prisons. Many people protested against the tortures and killings of inmates. This type of treatments occurs in Argentina, Angola, Ethiopia, Iran, South Africa, and many other countries.

3. Prohibition of slavery and slave trade

The LRA guerrilla from northern Uganda has been kidnapping kids for 18 years. Boys are kidnapped to be trained as soldiers and girls as sexual slaves of the commanders. Thousands of children are found in the power of LRA. There is slavery in Saudi Arabia, Myanmar, Albania, Sudan, Turkey, and many other places in the world.

4. Right to freedom of expression and opinion

Everyone has the right to express themselves and give their opinions. They have the freedom to receive, seek or give away information through any media regardless of any form of interference. About 15 journalists were killed for accusing the Russian Army in Chechnya for corruption and abuses. This type of violence is sighted in Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Turkey, etc.

These human rights violations are still prevalent in many countries despite all those movements protesting against them. We all should realize that people have these rights and they should be give the freedom they deserve.

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