I definitely didn’t notice when I first participated in anti-standardized testing activism. It wasn’t until I got back into the classroom, teaching in a low-income community of color, that I wondered if the opting out message would resonate. In the most beleaguered public schools, the anti-test message didn’t seem to gain any traction. A new […]

Education that values metrics over meaning is toxic. I’m being cute with “metrics over meaning.” What am I getting at here? Success as a student and a teacher is reduced annually to numbers. Each school year, as new metrics are invented and policies are aligned to value numbers, the power and control of quantitative values […]

This year’s testing season is drawing to a close. Folks on all sides will once again count their spoils and lick their wounds, prepping for minor flare-ups when test results are finally released, and for future battles to come. I have this feeling that while parents, teachers, and other activists squabble over testing, the system […]

I look at stories like this, and I wonder if this is the natural evolution of the test opt-out movement? I take it that anti-test activist groups tout themselves as very pro-public schools, painting them as venerable democratic institutions that endeavor to promote wholesome, American values and with the potential to restore justice. But can […]