I see a few folks here and there starting to talk more about the Teacher Performance Assessment (edTPA), or the Pearson product that will now be used to score and certify student teachers. I scored some of these things. Painfully mediocre stuff. Here’s a quick note about my experience that I shared with some others […]

Arizona State is going to implement a mandatory yearlong clinical experience for all graduating teachers in order to, well: The goal of the project, according to its leaders, is to graduate teachers who, in their first year on the job, match the effectiveness of second-year teachers. Getting there has meant no less than an entire […]

I do a lot of supervision of pre-service teachers. I tend to see a lot of test-driven and scripted instruction in classrooms. No matter how much we try to encourage innovative and meaningful methods, we’re cut off, hand-cuffed to basal anthologies, unresponsive to daily realities. Part of that job is to offer feedback and guidance […]