Something was brought to my attention just yesterday and I thought I’d investigate. Emperor Rhee Palpatine is all over the place because of her new book. I was told that she impersonated an African-American student during a welcome speech to DCPS teachers a couple of years back.

As it turns out, Bill Turque for DC Schools Insider already covered this speech in 2010 and raised very similar concerns, that her impersonation was a tad discomforting. Rhee is giving us a little anecdote of her two weeks years teaching in Baltimore City. She had a few students in her car after a field trip and was driving them home. Very hilarious! I’m not going to really go into the story, but here’s the transcript of her impersonation:

“I start to panic…my heart is beating 100 miles a minute,” she said. Then the other three children, sensing her worry, chimed in. She recalled one little boy saying:

“Lawwwd Ms.Rhee whatchu gonna do!!!!??” Rhee boomed, drawing a big laugh. “Lawwwd Ms. Rhee whatchu gonna do!!!!??”

Now, I isolated this part of her speech. Watch it, listen. What do you think? I mean, this is an old issue, nothing earth shattering. But I have to say, this is an Asian-American woman of privileged background giving what to me seems like an almost minstrel like impersonation of a young African-American child. All I have to say, if I did this, my behind would be eviscerated, don’t you think?

I don’t know how much we can discern from this. I see two things, maybe three. One, strong nod to students, nothing surprising there. A very appealing message. Two, heavy reliance on executive authority to determine the future of education. Perhaps it’s because he was governor and also referring to Governor Romney in his speech. […]