Just before I posted last week on the continued crumbling of SOS under the non-leadership of the Catatpult Learning Vice President, Bob George, I talked with a former Board member who told me there was a rumor afloat that Bob George was retiring from Catapult.  Could Corporate Bob’s intentional mismanaging and steering of SOS into […]

Today Stephen Krashen posted a letter at EPATA by Bess Altwerger, co-founder of Save Our Schools.  In it she makes a strong case for SOS voting to put its full weight forward in opposing, blocking, and dismantling the next high-stakes testing deliver system, the Common Core State [sic] Standards.  Will this letter make a difference? […]

Yesterday Ed Week published a sad gloss on Save Our Schools, which has gone from a fire-breathing operation in 2011 to a small band of conventional conventioneers working under the non-coordination of corporate VP, Bob George. And as may be expected, Bob George is mentioned prominently in the Ed Week piece, even though the term […]