There are concerns that teachers are not from the communities in which they teach, particularly in urban areas, where differences in race and social class between teachers and students are magnified. Housing costs are often named as a culprit. One solution to this problem has been to build new “teacher villages.” These are typically lower […]

Education that values metrics over meaning is toxic. I’m being cute with “metrics over meaning.” What am I getting at here? Success as a student and a teacher is reduced annually to numbers. Each school year, as new metrics are invented and policies are aligned to value numbers, the power and control of quantitative values […]

Maybe you’re not 44 and so are not conversant with the movie Reality Bites (its genesis and presentation 20 years past), but I am. The down-and-out 20-something “losers” (heed my punctuation, please) in that film did not exemplify me.  I had a job as an English teacher in a parochial high school in St. Louis, […]

Interesting observation this AM as I watched CNN. I have FIOS cable (not a paid endorsement by @TCF) and the description for CNN was listed as follows: National and International news especially formatted for the classroom. Huh. How about that? What does formatting for the classroom mean? Probably has to do with the kinds of […]