As organizations jumble and revise their official positions, remember those who tried to stifle you in the past. Forgive, cooperate, but never forget those who told you that, for instance, opting out was a great and radical evil. Remember those who called you crazy, passionate with no sense, and tried to tease you into submission, […]

I keep hearing about this, the new unionism, the new unionism. What the is it? Well, as far as education unionism is concerned, high stakes testing seems to be one of the primary targets of criticism. And we finally have acknowledgement of this very important fact from the CEO of the NEA.┬áBy the way, who […]

Platonist D Coleman Van Roekel has an established record of selling out the membership of NEA (here, here, here, and here), just as Randi Weingarten has done for AFT members.  With an uprising imminent over teacher evaluations based on test scores and more high stakes national testing based on a national curriculum written by arrogant […]