What makes a really good friend?  The listening? The understanding?  Always being there for you?  Well, if you are a teacher, Michelle Rhee wants to be your friend.  To prove it, she’s personally inviting you to her upcoming Teacher Town Halls, where you and Michelle (and two of her other friends) can have “an open […]

“There is a problem here” (Houston, We have a problem) John Merrow on what his wife’s response to the what is going on in this test driven, punish the teachers education deform.  Thank you Shaun and Tim for bringing us some real journalism and journalist John Merrow on Rhee, DC and High Stakes Testing Testinghttp://www.blogtalkradio.com/chalkface/2013/05/23/special-episode-of-at-the-chalk-face-w-john-merrow […]


Well, I have to say, it’s pretty amazing. In addition to have a great chat with teachers Ralph Ratto and Brian White, we debuted the new “Michelle Rhee” button. We’ve used a term in the past, that these education “reforms” are “faith-based.” That is, they’re not based on any evidence, per se, just some pure […]