Here’s our latest episode of At the Chalk Face with two graduate students from the University of Minnesota who are resisting their institution’s potential deal with TFA. I’m still a little annoyed by the end of this episode. I decided to use Zingaya to run the show instead of Skype, and it cut us off. […]

I read a fluff piece on the Common Core at Inside Higher Ed. Pretty basic, hits most key players.  I checked the author, just a 2009 journalism graduate. She quotes significantly folks from PARCC, SBAC, and other supporters. Mentions a lot about teacher preparation, but no one actually FROM teacher preparation. This has been an issue […]

Two quick items: I have an essay out at Inside Higher Education on the need for academics to really engage the public discourse. I’m really talking education, but I think a lot of other disciplines, say criminal justice, could use some informed dialogue. Second, Episode 37 of the podcast is out, check it out here. […]