What happened in IN, you know, with former state supe Bennett and fixing the grades of a big donor’s charter school? Didn’t I just wax philosophical about my previous reverence for those in “Central Office?” I did. But these are the ones that fudge data and school grades. Where do they get these people, anyway? In […]

Kudos to these education activists receiving some notoriety for their anti-common core views in Indiana. After spending four years in the state for graduate school, I can say I’m somewhat familiar with how that state does things. Although, I have some concerns. First, not necessarily from an ideological standpoint, I on this day of all […]

[Editor’s note: An early draft version was posted in error.  This has been corrected.]*Guest Post by John Loflin, Education-Community Action Team.  johnharrisloflin@yahoo.com Past and present: Eugenics, standardized tests, and politics of school reform: Hoosier connections and challenges  “If such a thing as a psycho-analysis of today’s prototypical culture were possible such an investigation    would […]

It’s time for March Madness in Indiana. Sadly, I refer not to our state’s passion for basketball, but to our lawmakers’ debilitation of public schools through high stakes testing which students began this month. The concept of winning a basketball game is relatively simple: score more points than your opponent. However, any basketball fan knows […]