What if we enacted “choice” for homeschool students and parents? That is, kids and parents could walk into any house they wanted, or join any family they wanted, to receive a “better” education. I’ve often argued that homeschooling, while a viable option for some, is not for all, and we therefore need a free and […]

I’ve done a considerable amount of reading and research on gender in education, particularly reasons why men are an overwhelming minority in the profession (only one in four K-12, one in ten K-5). I have to do more research into homeschooling. Although, the vast majority of homeschool advocates are women. Where are the fathers? Do […]

Apparently, we need to start discussing the option of sabbaticals for children. I’m really at a loss here on this one, and this is why I’m getting a little irritated with all these journalists having an “informed” opinion on education. ┬áLet me just state initially that in some extremely limited way, what the author in […]