I keep hearing about this, the new unionism, the new unionism. What the is it? Well, as far as education unionism is concerned, high stakes testing seems to be one of the primary targets of criticism. And we finally have acknowledgement of this very important fact from the CEO of the NEA. By the way, who […]

It’s amazing, isn’t it? For all the very $eriou$ accountability-ish talk in the current education reform climate. A man so reviled by educators in the state of Indiana, the people he is supposed to serve, as Tony Bennett to be voted out of office only to find himself successfully ensconced in a lateral move, same […]

We hear now that some public colleges in Florida are taking Gov. Scott’s challenge of the $10,000 Bachelors seriously.  How could this cost so little? Valencia’s Bachelor of Science in electrical and computer engineering wouldn’t be less expensive to operate, Shugart indicated, but would simply rely less on student tuition and draw more from the college’s […]