Below is a list of what I’ve bought to date for the new school year. I thought I’d share it to underscore the amount of preparation that some of us do, even before we step foot in our classrooms and make an accurate appraisal of what we actually do and don’t need to replace. I’d like to hear more about your preparations if you’re willing to share them.

Stuffed coyote toy
I am Yoga (book)
City Shapes (book)
Six milk crates
Memory foam sheets
PVC piping
Bulk metal washers
Bulk nuts and bolts set
Large nuts and bolts
Small wrenches
Pine craft wood pieces
Red Resin paper roll
Chalk removable labels
Multi colored neon pockets
Spray paint
Chalkboard paint
Glue gun
6 boxes markers
8 boxes crayons
Craft paint (for table)
Responsive Classroom books (x3)
Wood chime
Bulletin board border
Painters Tape
200 Marbles
Laminating sheets
Foam mats
Cork board
Street play tape
Broom and dust pan

IKEA Plastic bin
IKEA Lack table
2 play construction safety vests
2 stuffed animals
2 laundry baskets
18 plastic bowls
Wood train set
3 seat cushions

3 rolls colored duct tape
1 quart freezer bags
Disinfectant wipes
Cleaning brush
Carpet cleaner