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Looks like we’re going to use “early warning” data, something new to me. Although, it’s a new title, but relatively old concept of trying to use BIG DATA to solve all of our problems.

I’m looking some things up, but a very preliminary Google Scholar search was kind of funny to me. Searching for “early warning systems education data” brought up entries on West Nile Virus and natural disasters. This is how we talk about education nowadays.

This is also funny/interesting. Absenteeism data is apparently one of the risk factors identified as an early indicator of dropping out of high school. It can also be used to identify a potential outbreak of disease. Who knew?

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At noon today, on the White House blog, ConnectED was announced to, among other things:  That’s why President Obama is unveiling a bold, new initiative called ConnectED, which will connect 99 percent of America’s students to the internet through high-speed broadband and high-speed wireless within 5 years. The President also directed the federal government to […]