There is mounting evidence that curriculum and teaching with a social justice focus can benefit students long-term. For instance, from research on a high school social justice course: Black alumni of the class, many years after graduating, uniformly credited the social-justice course for provoking a process of self-exploration that altered their sense of justice and […]

I was intrigued by this recent NYT article, To Help Students Learn, Engage the Emotions. It makes intuitive sense. Of learning in general: This rule holds true even across subjects and disciplines, Dr. Immordino-Yang writes in her book, “Emotions, Learning, and the Brain.” “Even in academic subjects that are traditionally considered unemotional, such as physics, engineering […]

In recent weeks, I’ve seen a surge in Common Core opposition that is focused on the micro-examination of individual classroom assignments. Let me be clear at the outset: I oppose the Common Core State Standards. We’re clear on that, correct? All right. I’ve observed some interactions on a Facebook page called “Inappropriate Common Core Lessons.” the […]

Know your meme. CCSSO abandoning “efforts” to write social studies standards to instead focus on ELA/Math implementation, and to thwart opposition to CCSS, according to Education Weak [link excluded purposely, find it yourself if you want, or trust us]. CCSSO Executive Director Chris Minnich told me that the chiefs group wants and needs to focus […]