Recently,  the director of Teach for America Chicago, Josh Anderson, wrote a response to the excellent exposé Edushyster posted regarding TFA Chicago’s role in charter school expansion.  Edushyster’s–or should I proudly say Jennifer C. Berkshire‘s–piece was entitled “Is TFA Undermining the Chicago Public Schools.” (The answer is “yes,” if you were wondering…) And she writes: When news […]

Some liberals are quite enthralled with the social justice possibilities of school choice.  While district and enrollment boundaries reflect segregated residential patterns in the US, in theory, choice allows families to select schools across these artificial barriers, eradicating an important institutional impediment to equity.  Moreover, schools then must compete to attract students, just like businesses […]

Corporate education reformers love to rave about how schools that “beat the odds” are full of teachers with “high expectations”.  There are echoes of George W’s “soft bigotry of low expectations” in this mantra implying that in the past, teachers–stifled no doubt by those innovation-hating unions–all had “low expectations” for their students and somehow THAT is why students […]