They say critique of charter schools is “tired.” Then I say it’s exhausting to see charter proponents cast some nebulous aspersions towards the nefarious “teachers’ contract.” This, from the NY Daily “News.” The author touts the flexibility of charters to lengthen school days and years, but then: While there is no direct correlation between increased learning […]


In our District, we are encouraging all students to be present and accounted for on a specific day because they will literally be counted. As I overheard someone say, “This is how we get paid.” Someone will come in and count all of our students to ensure we’ve enrolled all who we said we enrolled […]

Like so much else in education and beyond, we are seeing the familiar pattern of defunding, claiming crisis, and then calling for privatization in special education. This past week in Chicago, our unelected Board of Education recently voted to expand contracts with private, for-profit organizations to meet the growing needs of our children with special needs as […]

The Washington Post recently reported that DC approved three new charter schools. What bothers me the most about this: do we really need any new charters? How can we have so many different operators in one city, with wildly different leadership styles and educational philosophies? Plus, one of these schools is being opened by a former […]