I’ve always thought Rocketship was a really gross model for a charter school. It’s a terrible experiment for poor black and brown children, one that more affluent parents would would never stand for, and they’d run these hucksters out on a rail. What really grossed me out was catching Rocketship people poaching our students outside […]

There are concerns that teachers are not from the communities in which they teach, particularly in urban areas, where differences in race and social class between teachers and students are magnified. Housing costs are often named as a culprit. One solution to this problem has been to build new “teacher villages.” These are typically lower […]

I want to say this, and I want to be clear: Eva Moskowitz and her ilk are garbage, they’re garbage human beings and their ideas are garbage. I’d like to say something else, but I won’t. You can follow the drama here.  But seriously, with the “got to go” lists and other minutiae that came […]