If you thought the recession’s impact on schools was swift and immediate, think again. Sure – revenues dipped, but stimulus funds made things less worse than they would have been otherwise. Now that those funds are nearly entirely gone… From the Center on Budget and Policy and Priorities: The cumulative effect of four consecutive years […]

A lot of crazy stuff happening in Wisconsin. Some people are calling it Cairo in the US, something like that. I don’t know if I agree with that, kind of belittles what is happening in the Middle East. I enjoy watching Morning Joe on MSNBC. I like the banter, it’s presented well, pretty much the […]

From Carole Smith, Superintendent of the Portland Public Schools (OR): Central support and operations: $3.1 millionPPS central services and operations — including administration, finance and payroll, transportation, building maintenance and more — will cut spending on materials and services, as well as reduce staff by the equivalent of 25 full-time positions (or FTE). Special education […]