I’m not using the Victorian nosism “we” here to sound pretentious. I think I can speak on behalf of every author At the Chalk Face in this regard. And please, correct me if I’m wrong. We get this all of the time, we are the naysayers, contrary for the sake of contrarianism. Don’t we have […]

In recent weeks, At the Chalk Face has added several authors who’ve made fantastic contributions. Since that time, I’ve noticed the web traffic increasing tremendously, the conversations between author and commenter have been open, honest, and provocative, and our impact on the education reform conversation is growing immensely. At the Chalk Face began in February […]

Apparently, there was this list of the best education blogs of this year and, well, I was not on it.  I kid though, I’m not disappointed at all because I have been at this, what, a couple of months now?  Besides, the podcast is more important to me than the blog.  What I type here […]