What happened in IN, you know, with former state supe Bennett and fixing the grades of a big donor’s charter school? Didn’t I just wax philosophical about my previous reverence for those in “Central Office?” I did. But these are the ones that fudge data and school grades. Where do they get these people, anyway? In […]

It’s amazing, isn’t it? For all the very $eriou$ accountability-ish talk in the current education reform climate. A man so reviled by educators in the state of Indiana, the people he is supposed to serve, as Tony Bennett to be voted out of office only to find himself successfully ensconced in a lateral move, same […]

I can only think of one other person who would sit in their living room and do the same thing I did last night: yell at the TV during an interview with Arnie Duncan and Bill Bennett on CNN’s The Place Where Stuff Happens (i.e., Situation Room). Judson are you there, it’s me Shaun? In […]