Alex Russo asks who did more for education: Gates or Jobs?  Let me stop you right there. That’s not the question we should be asking. Then again, he’s been quoted as virulently anti-union (PCWorld) and there’s no Apple or Jobs Foundation giving billions to help poor kids or fix public education (see here). Those who dislike the […]

I wrote about this a little while ago where iPad donations were being accepted at stores to distribute to TFA teachers only. I read this today on Daily Kos about other folks in Seattle who were sketched out by this as well, leading ultimately to some better resolution than I could offer. But from my […]

My wife sent this to me today from the Apple Store in Bethesda, MD. So, yeah, Teach for America, eh? I guess there is a relationship there in terms of donating iPads to TFA folks in low-income schools. That’s nice, I suppose. I mean, Apple will really have to work out the logistics if their […]