Typically, our math time consists of a warm-up, an introductory period or activity, and then the bulk of our time is spent in centers or small groups.

As I was planning for the week, I though I’d share, for what it’s worth, the fact that, for our whole group work, I frequently use the SMART Notebook app on an iPad that I mirror through a projector and Apple TV. I don’t have a SMART board. They’re clunky and not really all that interesting. But the mobile app itself is pretty handy. It’s sometimes a little buggy when files get more complicated and visually heavy. The one feature I like the best is the use of the infinite cloner, which means you can drag and drop copies of pretty much anything you insert or create.

Food for thought.

I am teaching myself to use Xcode.  In three months time, by the end of this summer, At the Chalk Face will have a smartphone/tablet application. Perhaps I’m being naive about the app submission and review process. Or, my ability to learn code from scratch. No matter. The goal has been set.  That is all.