If you want to learn about human rights and the laws that exist today, there are various resources available. You can find about human rights from the following sites.

Equity and Human Rights Commission

It is the national equality body of UK. The job of this organisation is to make Britain fairer. It enforces laws that protect the rights and respect of people. It is a point of contact for policy makers, business and public bodies. It challenges discrimination, promotes equality of opportunity and protects human rights. They can take actions against those people or organizatios who abuse the rights of others.

Human Rights in Health Care

NHS organizations have a positive obligation to promote peoples’ human rights. The Human Rights Act includes core values of Fairness, Equality, Respect, Dignity and Autonomy for all. This organization works to develop human rights based approach practice in healthcare.

Human Rights Film Network

Film is a very powerful medium. It can inspire a wide range of audiences. This network supports films that reflect and inform about human rights. They organize festivals that are dedicated to the promoton of human rights films.

These sites will provide you with insight about how these organisations are working to promote and support human rights. You will become better informed about human rights by visiting these sites.