Can You Be A Feminist And Still Have A Hen Party?

Hen parties are no doubt one of the most famous pre-wedding events around the world. Gathering ladies together for one last night of merriment in anticipation of the big day is an important rite of passage. Often time, it is always a great experience for the bride to be with friends and family, creating an event that will be the last memories of her single’s day.

When we look at hen party from the perspective of feminism, a hen party can seem to be posing problem rather than being just an avenue for ladies to come together to enjoy themselves celebrating their friend without the male gaze.

The majority see hen party as a perfect way of expressing a last night of freedom but this is a mere perspective of the frivolous. There is no different in the bride even after marriage, marriage is never bondage and she still owns her life after the marriage. Hen parties interpretation depends on the perspective of the individual and what the party involves and how the attendees feel about it.


As for the question, can you be a feminist and still enjoy a hen party?

It depends on the attendees and the organizers. Hen party can be feminist allowing women to reclaim their right as women in a public way rather than being mixed up with men who are total strangers.

However, the party may be feminist and still be fun and the feminism can be a way to enjoy the total freedom of the party and abstain from indecent acts that can result from sexual nature of the numerous events at hen parties, over excitements and fun. Stereotypical expectation such as the hen having urged for sex with a sexy attendee in their last night of freedom can be prevented. However, it is not an indication that the party cannot be enjoyed by women that see it has been normal when other activities that involved the opposite sex like the strippers dance and L plates are introduced.

So basically, we can say, it all depends on the attendees and the organizers, you can invite anyone that is dear to you, be it male or female, if what you want is a feminine-coded party or a normal party where your attendees all expect strippers to provide excitement at its peak, it’s cool. Whichever way, you will enjoy your party as long as you get the right organizer. It may not be our duty but based on previous experience, we can recognize Magic Men if you are planning to have a decent hen party soon. You can visit their website magic men live hens night to get more information about them and you will definitely give us a feedback.

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