Just a quick thought on the comments about collective bargaining that NEA President Dennis Van Roekel made to a group of retirees at NEA Representative Assembly in Atlanta. How do educators chose our national and state union leaders?  Nationally (and at least in my state of New York for NYSUT) each local elects delegates who […]

A music educator gives a nice presentation via song at the graduation ceremony for Williamsville East High School in suburban Western New York. Please bear with the video, the first part is a little blurry.  Song starts around one minute mark. Lyrics: Is it an A, or a B, or a C, or a D? […]

Ah yes, the public likes lists. We like to quantify even the unmeasurable and know where we stand.  Hence the annual ranking of school districts by a publication in the Buffalo area that no one ever reads, except when it publishes a list of “top school districts”.  What a great marketing ploy. And it works. […]