I’ve nearly completely extricated myself from my daily reading and commenting on Facebook and Twitter. I’m a retired public school teacher. I’ve virtually stopped writing about education and the continuing destruction of our public schools. I live it everyday now as a consultant in the classrooms.   I’ve been traveling a lot over the last few […]

” For those who support high-stakes testing and the Common Core, how about we mandate that ALL schools, public, private, or charter use these policies?” (Chris Cerrone)  First, why would we want to mandate such garbage for all schools?  We must preserve those places which are not a part of the corporatization of schools.  Public […]

A comment made to the blog, Cloaking Inequality: We need to move the conversation forward. There is nothing new in all the words I have read so far in the blog article nor the response / comment Dr. Thornburg put out there. The focus of an activist movement to maintain public education in America must […]

Clearly, there are more and more parents educating themselves regarding testing in schools and how they can pull their kids out of testing.  Not all parents can put their children under a homeschooling overseen by credentialed personnel.  While we strive to keep our public schools public and free of the new reform movement that brings […]