First, I have to clarify something: when someone wins an Oscar or an Emmy or a Grammy, is that called a “victory?”  Do they give a “victory speech?” If not, then I messed up the title of this post. Wait, according to Google, they’re called “acceptance speeches.” Damn. Fine.  This is where I will post […]

Instead, make sure you’re reflecting on just how well you, dear teachers, are promoting the Common Core State [sic] Standards in your classrooms. Common Core-aligned lesson plan templates are starting to make an appearance, right alongside the Common Core-aligned lesson modules that are infiltrating ELA and math classes across the country.  These templates don’t look […]

On the evening of September 6, CBS aired Davis Guggenheim’s latest tear-jerker hack job dedicated to public education: TEACH.  While featuring four young and relatively inexperienced teachers, we were told much of the same nonsense we’ve been hearing for years, since the release of the anti-teacher and anti-public-education Waiting for Superman (another Guggenheim assault).  The messages […]

From Sara Wottawa’s Blog: Holy Corruption Batman! In a nutshell this publication is a directive on how to manipulate teachers, parents, administrators and even legislators to buy into the CCSS! On pg. 48 in the publication Implementing Common Core State Standards and Assessments: A Workbook for State and District Leaders it states: In essence communications efforts help widen […]