At the Chalk Face on #blogtalkradio: A primer of sorts

We have to brag a little bit. The weekly radio show makes us unique because it supports the commentary we do, and vice versa.

We work our BEE-hinds off to bring everyone stories and conversations that don’t get covered, related to education and public schools. In addition to our weekly shows at 6PM EST on Sundays, we’ve done numerous “special episodes” at other days and times to accommodate the schedules of potential guests or events as they happen. For instance, the CPS student walkouts today in Chicago. 

Take a look at some other special episode highlights:

Interview with two Portland area student activists.

Interview with Karen Lewis, Prez of CTU.

Interview with Anthony Cody, later joined by Diane Ravitch.

Interview with acclaimed NY principal Carol Burris

Interview with Superintendent John Kuhn of TX

Interview with Children of the Core author and @TCF blogger Kris Nielsen

Our special live episode during a professional educators’ conference in Seattle

I know I’m missing some, so let me know if you have other highlights. But if you’re following any of the debates on common core, testing, and the general interests of public schools, At the Chalk Face radio is where it’s at.


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