Some back of the napkin descriptive stats on national teachers of the year

Literally, back of a napkin because I’m at a coffee shop.

Congrats to Jeff Charbonneau on being awarded National Teacher of the Year. I’m not very familiar with how they’re chosen (read: not at all familiar). But I was curious so I looked up some info on the program and did some counting. I have no idea what to conclude, but I found it interesting. 

Since 1952 when the award was first given to Geraldine Jones, roughly 37% of the awardees were men, which comes close to the relative proportion of men to women in K-12 teaching at 1:4, or 25%. 

If we look at grade level, 24% were elementary teachers, 21% in middle school or junior high, and 55% at the high school level, including the most recent recipient. I’d have to look up a few others who were simply listed as “special education” and one other in a “K-10 self-contained” classroom. Did not know how to count that. But overall, kind of interesting that a huge majority are high school teachers. 

Food for thought.