BREAKING: We have a scanned sample of a “Grade 3 ELA exam” passage with questions UPDATED: This is a joke

Grade 3 ELA Test Sample

ImageInteresting. A sample passage with a few questions.* It looks like they’re going to double down on product placement. Click the image for a bigger version.

Shout out to our “crack team” of test investigators.

*This may/may not be a real exam. Use your best judgment. But, from what we’ve heard of tests thus far, I cannot imagine this is too far off from what will be offered to the highest bidder in terms of product placement. Looks like there’s much less room for actual content when you consider all of the footnotes.

UPDATE: Before we all use this example to justify our outrage, I must confess that it’s a parody. I created it as an exaggerated, but plausible, extension of the product placement we’ve heard about in the NYC tests thus far.

What I want to know is how those names get in there and who gets paid.


  1. How Common Core assessments will ultimately be stopped: lawsuits from corporations whose products are denigrated, or worse, not mentioned at all.

    I’m glad I’ve been practicing my CCSS close reading. How could any place be better than Chuck E. Cheese’s for a birthday party?


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