New York ELA day 3 more #pearson and #NYSED fail

Here are some early updates:

  • Nike sneakers in 6th grade reading passage.  Our children face enough commercialization in their lives as it is.  We do not need this is our schools.  I guess we can call the passages “Infomercial texts” (credit to Leonie for that quote)

The future of our schools thanks to Common Core? Or are they the “Corporate Commercial State Standards”

Spell check.  Does Pearson hire copy editors or does that hurt the bottom line?

  • The Day 3 teacher direction book had a line of text repeated and several spelling mistakes.
  • Klondyke and Klondike spelled two different ways.
  • A location was spelled one way in a reading passage and a different way on a map that went along with the reading passage.

Please post any issues you witnessed in the comments section below.

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    1. I guess I should have spell checked myself -but then again – can u image how the teachers and kids felt using this high stress test when what they were reading was questionable.


      1. Heidi, No problem, you are a parent making a quick comment on a website. Pearson is a monster corporation that is cutting corners to make a profit. Last year’s teacher answer booklet had Pele’ defeating Brazil. If a young teacher had not heard of Pele’ would they have scored the question incorrectly.


  1. Keep your kids home or have them write”I refuse” on the test. It doesn’t penalize them or affect their classroom grades. Why put up with this people….stand up and say enough. If everyone kept their kids home for those 3 days….maybe the educ dept would rethink what they’re doing!


  2. Again, another day of tears, backaches, hands hurting and incomplete tests due to developmentally inappropriate 3rd grade tests.


  3. I will also add that so many of the fifth grade level questions had many subjective answers that there cannot be any really correct answer. One passage asked what the text told us about a certain American president? I knew that the question wanted the student to focus upon a character trait, but language impaired children took the question literally because of the wording. Thus, it was an invalid, trick question for a disabled student. This assessment is nothing less than child abuse. Too bad one cannot call the Administration for Children’s Services on NYS and Pearson.i


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