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  1. A comment to Diane Ravitch’s blog regarding: “The Corporate Reform Cult of Rhetoric and Riches.” (Wherein Mercedes continues her evaluation of evaluations).

    This and the sight and silence, not of slow hands clapping, not of stupefied hands clapping. Love TFA? Hate TFA? In fact, it’s the sound of one hand clapping as the economic titleholders to all things of means, money, and principal now own and restrain all others of a matching pair so that post-satori workings of two hands might be denied to the common good.

    I would direct readers’ attention to the overarching source of our concerns with public schools, the invasion of private equity and the financialization of all assets: Michael D. Yates’ piece in “Monthly Review” regarding inequity. How we got to here and who controls it all. Hat tip to Henry Giroux for posting this important article on Facebook and spreading the news. Until we aim at the true perpetrators behind the destruction of our schools and communities, all is just so much talk below the contours of movement toward overcoming, taking back the power of choice, democracy, and returning it where it belongs: to a United States governed by constitutional principle and not by the leverage of a super wealthy overclass which determines the course and interpretation of law to only their benefit..


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