#MAP #boycott may lead to “sanctions”

This from the Answer Sheet:

 The superintendent of schools, Jose Banda, ordered administrators to  pull students out of classrooms to take the test in the library, but many students refused to take it and turned in letters signed by their parents giving them permission to opt out of the test, teachers reported.

This seems to be a pretty harsh political consequence, the image of forcing students to take tests. I wonder if any images could be taken because the impact of forced academic testing, despite the objections of those charged with students’ direct care, could be quite provocative.

Of course, there are problems with making these kinds of images public. Too bad, that might be powerful.



  1. A group of students, with the support of their parents, and backed by attorneys and legal standing in court, can testify. Period. Further release of video beyond court orders are a matter of rule.


  2. There are ways to get video. It was done in several educational settings at schools where I taught. From university to secondary (7-12). I’m sure that situation can be handled.


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