Last week, #progressive #education summit in MD, @cityneighbors

Kristian Rusher, Kate Chesser, and yours truly.
Kristian Rusher, Kate Chesser, and yours truly.

This is the first chance I had to talk about it.

I visited with some very dedicated educators at Hamilton High School in Baltimore last Saturday for the third annual Progressive Education Summit. Here’s info about the summit, City Neighbors Foundation, and Hamilton. Alfie Kohn kicked off the day with a keynote. I must say, when I was told about this event, they made sure to mention that the lunch was great. It was. And it was free. The whole event was free. We even got a free coffee mug. At least, I think we could take those home. Am I right? Anyone?

I/We presented a workshop with two former students, Kate Chesser and Kristian Rusher. They did a fabulous job, I could not have been any happier. I made a point to invite them because there seems to be a gap in the discussion. We try to hear from teachers, then from students. But, prospective teachers are at one point students themselves. Additionally, it’s important that prospective teachers remain hopeful that there’s more to this profession than tests, scripts, and data. There’s also a lot of folks out there who want education to be more than this. Progressive folks like myself, when we have those connections, we need to encourage new and upcoming teachers to connect with that so they don’t get lost on their way to the classroom.

The picture is of the three of us after our workshop. We had some great conversations. Again, could not have been more pleased with how things turned out. Two great future educators there.


  1. Thank you for being such an inspiration. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to speak out as well as hear what everyone had to say. Come back PLEASE?!

    PS: I only was able to find this because I “googled” myself. Don’t ask.


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