Beware the fair-weather foils of #HST

Here’s a great story on NPR about the Seattle test boycott. 

By the way, have you heard our interview with Seattle teacher Jessie Hagopian? Well, you should.

You know, within the circles I run, there’s a lot of support out there for the various schools in the Seattle area who’ve taken this very courageous move. That’s fantastic. But I seem to recall that in recent weeks or months, there was much handwringing over the concept of a test boycott. It was suggested that this tactic was too extreme or activist or, *GASP*, anti-union, since the large national groups, like the AFT and NEA, were nowhere near advocating such a move.

Folks that were initially against a test boycott, and are now celebrating the courage of Seattle teachers, remind them of their own intransigence on this issue. Has it changed that we can now sign petitions in favor of THEIR boycott without feeling pressured to start one of our own? 

Worth thinking about.