A new management organization for school leaders, LEE

So, I’ve heard of a new educational leadership management, business-ey organization called Leadership for Educational Equity. Sounds nice. Russo has something up about it in This Week in Education. Calls it a TFA spin-off. Nice. That’s just what we need. Russo also says the website is pretty sparse, no way to tell what’s about to happen over there. Actually, I don’t think it’s too hard at all.

Sure, go the website, you need login information for access to the vast bulk of the potential content. Headings and sub-headings are all there. But the best piece of investigative snooping one can do is to check out the board. Let’s review a list of key words from their bios:

“Harvard, MBA, Stand for Children, business, board,  foundation, McKinsey, business, venture capital, electronic data, Teach for America, consulting, management, business, inner city children, scholarships, Fund, KIPP, business…”

Any doubts, from anyone, as to what KIND of suggestions this new organization will make? Try not to be so naive folks. It’s all in there.


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