Tepid response from Seattle public schools super

Superintendent Jose Banda released a statement regarding the potential for a mass opt-out of state MAP testing. Meh. Not much of value. Although, I will say that you’d think a formal statement from the educator-in-chief could make it out there into the ether without a typo. To wit: 

Before the issue was raised by our teachers at Garfield High School, the School Board had already asked for a thorough review of our how we assess student learning, including MAP testing. [emphasis added]

Catch it? Come on now.


  1. I have been known to make typo errors myself but I don’t have a PR person, secretary or staff. I will give him the benefit of the doubt BUT only if he takes a reasonable stance and begins including educators in policy decisions that deeply affect them.


  2. In the meantime, MAP remains a required element of our overall student testing process. We expect school staff to fulfill their responsibilities and obligations to administer this test in a timely manner. Principals, I am asking for your leadership in ensuring the required MAP tests are completed by Feb. 22 in accordance with current district practice.
    And, the fear card is played once again…………
    Here in NY State, at our small school, this was all the talk today! I was asked why can’t we refuse to give the tests too? I said…….great idea…..come to a union meeting and suggest it!


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