Using the #newtown tragedy to frame #teacher #bashing

There has been a fair amount of, as edu-blogger Jersey Jazzman puts it, “pearl clutching” over intimations that extolling the heroism of Newtown teachers makes a case for a pro-union profession, and a case against all the teacher bashing going on.

Here’s an eloquent perspective from the Baltimore Sun on the matter. 

At the Chalk Face rarely minces words. Inasmuch as I agree with a unionized and well-esteemed teaching profession, I’m on the fence about this one. Can a tragedy such as this frame a discussion about teacher bashing in general?

Any thoughts?

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  1. Framing the heroism of the people at Newtown Elementary School with a seeming impetuous argument against legislation designed to destroy public education and a brief concerning the state of public school staff is heartfelt, no doubt. The attack on the staff and students of Newtown Elementary was of such despicable and heinous proportion.

    As well-meaning as the author of the Baltimore Sun article appears to be, Newtown and the calamity and sorrow caused by a lone gunman is not an appropriate choice to use as an assemblage for disputing current conditions confronting public school teachers and staff nationwide.

    Better to name names. Better to develop articles that expose those behind the current devastation facing public schools. It’s teachers, staff, students, parents, and communities. Better to be the harbinger of things to come for public schools and document the effects of their takeover by corporate interests. Better to lend support in a series of articles that frame the fight for the survival of public education and further the support of a coming vast majority of educators who will find no other alternative to what corporate control of education will bring than to opt out, to strike nationwide, to sustain a movement (with great prejudice) in opposition to the desires of an uberclass. Refuse to participate.


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