A round-up of stories from friends and family @thechalkface #newtown

From Alternet: Unionized Teachers, So Vilified By the Right, Are the Heroes of Sandy Hook. Do we continue reducing the “value added” of educators to test scores? Perhaps it’s important to reconsider the percentages.

Diane Ravitch on the hero teachers of Newtown. Are we really sure the problem with education right now is indeed common curriculum and better tests? And, firing these individuals, closing their schools, and reopening as a charter?

On a more random note, energy drink usage is up for college students. The most disgusting thing I’ve seen so far: Muscle Milk. They even sell it in the dining halls. This isn’t GNC. You know, I was a personal trainer for a few years, I know a lot about this. It’s like steroids in that just because you inject yourself with them does not mean you’ll beef up. You still have to work out like crazy. If you use ‘roids without working out, you’ll just get fat, angry, and covered in back acne. I see these guys drinking this Muscle stuff like it’s breakfast. Gross.

And finally, just a little screenshot for you:

Screen Shot 2012-12-19 at 8.54.21 AMCan you think of any words you’d like them to define? Let us know in the comments.