On the Radar

That we should not be amused;  that we should need explain the use of nosism should explain our position.  As one of the “we,” I thank this blog site as a venture to avail people to comments and posts considering all which is limitless experience, empiric and theoretical.  Take what’s happening in Michigan, for example.

If there was more consideration given to thinking, to awareness, to taking the time to discover the how and why, the apparati, the contrivance of political movement and ulterior motive, we wouldn’t be witnesses to such enormous vituperation and whining against the results.  Governor Snyder’s deceit a surprise?  He came from the corporate right.  An electorate that chose Obama over idiocy is now howling about the actions of their governor? Where was this dissent when there was an opportunity to stand behind Virg Bernero?  Was Bernero’s loss due to GOP gerrymandering?  Low voter turn out in 2010?  That was the time for the constituency to organize, rise up, and protest.  Where was the rally, the call to arms, when Governor Snyder implemented his pogrom of community takeover by appointed emergency financial managers?  Because public outcry was not big enough, the corporate controlled major media handlers could suppress small dissent with ease by occlusive programming.

Like the word “Exxon,” it should have been clear that Snyder’s political history would presage his and his handlers’ moves toward an exultant, slippery double-cross.  Where were the voices of disapprobation from all those people I watch today yelling and jumping up and down in protest?  Why do people continue to appear to be a day late and a dollar short?

Where were the marches on Lansing when a big chunk of Detroit was taken over by Snyder’s emergency managers?  When other city councils and local boards were appropriated by Snyder and his abettors?  People tend to inertia in inverse proportion to the severity of self-interests.  The underlying racism inherent in Snyder’s army of emergency managers was obvious from the get go.  Is job security and employer benefits, pensions, more important than the eugenic effects of culling, marginalizing, and rendering inefficient the lives of communities, of people?

It is the nature of this forum, atthechalkface, to be a point of departure from the flat line of everyday media and discern meaning, to objectify, to regard everything as considerable.  To this end, the means of this colloquium comes as the canary in the coal mine or, at least, as a means to provoke inquiry.

Now, about corporate hegemony and the dissolution of public schools …