Are #homeschool advocates pushing conspiracy theories? Sounds like it. #edreform

The recent UN treaty establishing international standards on rights for those with disabilities was rejected in the Senate recently because of pressure, from all people, an organization of homeschooling advocates.

Did they read the treaty? And to think: this is the issue that got them outraged and calling their Senators in droves? Of all thing? Huh.

I wonder if I’ll get flack for this. Probably. Home school advocates have a tendency to be, well, passionate about their beliefs.

I’m no foreign policy expert, but this seems to be the result of a dramatic misreading of the treaty, perhaps a lapse in reading comprehension, and a dramatic over-reaction to those dangerous Europeans, or what “some” believe the UN represents.

Veterans groups supported the treaty so that the rights of those who have been injured are held to a high standard when they travel overseas. I fail to understand how some blue helmet would end up affecting the decisions of these parents in their homes. Paranoid delusions, or just ignorance. Not sure which.

But hey, home school away, you have no quarrel from me.

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  1. Politicians rarely answer a question without deflecting it to another ancillary or even entirely different issue. Slippery slope words and phrases abound. The Civil Rights Act may have given impact to an idea of fairness and equality for all Americans, but the “coloreds only” entrances to many restaurants and drinking fountains still existed decades later. With the reverse logic of doublespeak, people are unwitting agents against the very thing they think they are preserving. They ARE the Bull Connor’s with the fire hoses and dogs who relentlessly attack public schools while thinking it for the public good. They are racist bigots who are convinced that “other than white” is intellectually and morally inferior. That the black man is a gangster because he wears a hoodie. These would be the low information voters. They include those who fear the darkening of America so much that they whisk their kids out of public schools and shield them behind the conspiratorial walls of segregationist charter schools or other private schools. For those who can’t afford such a move, there is always home schooling.

    Home schooling has shown to have merit, or not. Not all people who choose alternatives to public education are racist bigots. Not all are low information voters. However, the majority of people are informed by corporate controlled mass media, whether it’s content is created by main stream media networks, smaller cable networks, or the reigning politics of community controlled cable television providers. There are many areas where certain media is not available on the cable provider’s lineup. In conservative areas, the city fathers (along with the parochial cable marketing people) determine which stations are a best fit for their community. There are many other influences on people’s choices—all the demographics that can be maneuvered. But the repetitive false dictum from corporate media has a most mighty influence on the public consciousness, especially among the low information electorate.

    Politicians work to the fears of their constituents. We learn to fear hoodies, fear the “fiscal cliff” (a political construct of delusion), fear the beard, fear the other. The refusal by thirty eight senators to vote against ratifying the Americans with Disabilities Act as a template to be used globally by the United Nations, all the cry and hue from those who fear what they don’t understand, refuse to understand, or who stand firm in agreement with the absurdity of the corporate controlled meme of those who kiss Grover Norquist’s ring, these are the unwitting supporters of the untruth of doublespeak. As Pogo said: “We have met the enemy, and they is us.”


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