As seen @jcrew, a #TFA T-shirt. Explain that to me, please #WTF

As seen @jcrew, a #TFA T-shirt. Explain that to me, please #WTF

Spotted at the front table at a J. Crew. In the ladies section, appropriately enough, am I right? Cos who likes kids: only chicks, yeah!

In any case, 100% of the proceeds of the sale of these shirts goes to Teach for America. Someone somewhere is going to have to explain to me why TFA is being treated like some kind of charitable organization. Why do they need money, exactly? Why go to some middle-man and not directly to schools, to fund a specific project?

And, don’t they get enough money from the big foundations, from Walton, Gates, the DOE, and others?

What I think this is: a tremendous branding opportunity. That’s the constituency, the market for TFA. In J. Crew. It’s a tremendous opportunity for both the clothing chain and TFA.

And to think, the only way we can get folks interested in education is through a carpetbagging organization, purchasing T-shirts made in China, or maybe Pakistan. I should have looked at the tag.


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