Some thoughts from New Orleans

Both, BOTH, hosts of at the chalk face are in New Orleans, right in the heart of the French Quarter, at the Curriculum and Pedagogy conference. I first want to thank a friend and colleague for setting this up and gifting us the opportunity to speak. It’s a privilege I don’t take lightly.

Basically, our little portion of the two hour session will cover the struggles that many of us have about advocacy for public education. Things seem to be crumbling around us while colleagues are not visibly doing something to prevent it. I know I’m in academe and need to play by certain rules and I’m doing my best to adhere to most of them. But there are little or even big things we can do to get our voices heard beyond the normal echo chambers in which we all reside.

Look, I’m a little tired of preaching to choirs. I’m not a religious man. I didn’t go to seminary. So, I want to be able to interact in spaces where I either have straight hostile audiences or folks that might have little idea of what’s happening. Maybe I’ll need to explain to you how academia works, I’m still trying to figure all of that out. But I will say for now that it is structured in a way where our voices bounce off so many interior spaces, so many little walls and nooks and crannies, that the sound does not travel very far. It doesn’t reach the places where it could do the most good.