So I’ve heard, about #justletmeteach

I just heard about these bracelets, kind of Livestrong style. You know, those cheap plastic things available for every cause imaginable. Just Let Me Teach.

Well, so now I hear two things about them: one, they have Biblical verses stamped on the inside of some of them and two, the dude is making some money off these.

Anyone have any thoughts on this?


  1. I received some flack for my reply regarding wristbands ( November 4, 2012 at 4:24 pm ). It was not my intention to shoot down teachers. The message I attempted to convey was that public schools are locked in a battle for their survival and that our children do not have the luxury of time. That is, a Ghandian method of non-confrontational objection—the wait long enough and all things will pass method— will not serve public schools in their fight against those forces intent upon destroying them. Our kids do not have the luxury of time, a long wait until some possible sea change comes along.

    That continuing to enable these oppositional forces by doing their bidding—provisioning testing, CCSS, HST, VAM and other measures being brought to bear upon public schools by intensified public and private corporate and governmental interests—is not doing what teachers might ought to do for the kids. Almost all teachers and staff I talk with are leaving their positions, considering leaving, or are willing to go along with the corporatizing onslaught on public schools as they have little choice. That is, if they were to quit in protest, in feeling they are doing the right thing for our children, they would suffer calamitous financial consequences.

    I was told that bracelets bring awareness of issues like breast cancer to people who need more information to understand the issues involved. Great. I agree. I am not against the bracelets (except when they are distributed for financial profit and where they identify religious views). The purpose of my reply to your post was to point out the nature and intensity of public schools’ enemies. I place no blame nor put fault on anyone who makes the choice they feel is the best or only one they can make at this time.

    I was called stupid, suggesting I was shooting down teachers. Nothing could be further from the truth. I was conveying a message of urgency. The time for greater objection, protest is at hand. The malignant forces of corporatization of public schools need be met with great objection. I believe this war against public schools can be won in short extent. Bring on the wristbands (from non-profit organizations and without reference to any particular religion). But only an organized protest, a movement outside of the teachers’ unions, away from the school sites, conjoined with all others of like mind will provide a more timely victory over those forces which do not consider nor value the right thing for our kids.

    Please attach this extended reply to my reply of November 4, 2012 at 4:24 pm should The Chalkface choose to forward or reconstruct these comments by any means.


  2. Caveat Emptor? Stupid is as stupid does? Just let me teach? Bleating sheep call? How about a wristband that says “Up against the wall (add choice of expletives), get out of the way.” And then have some Eugene Debs quotes on the underside? Or maybe some stuff from Lead Belly, or Woody Guthrie? Miles Davis? Too much for the equivocal sensibilities of those teachers who stay in schools and feed the testing Koolaide to the kids while hoping teachers can stay on some kind of Schindler’s list and keep their jobs as more kids fill the classrooms, as more defined benefit pension plans are under attack, as public school staff are buried in paperwork and harried about yet more requirements brought on by some grand bargain race to the bottom? Wear wristbands because it’s “for the kids?” Public schools are in the inchoate stages of the coming blitzkrieg and there’s fussing with wristbands?

    The boxcars have pulled into the school yards. The barbed wire is being erected. If teachers want to do something for the kids, then take it to the streets. Complaints on the inside, on surreptitious wristbands, while you shovel a crap load of testing to the kids in your classrooms under siege? That’s delusional.

    What a hell of a learning experience for the kids. Just let me teach? What a disgustingly flimsy and debilitating message for the kids. Public school budgets across the country have been plundered and put asunder through the extraction of our wealth by Wall Street and the elite forces of the 1%. Teach the kids something about freedom and liberty. The kids get it. They follow your good leadership. So show it.

    Pubic schools are no longer free. And until there is a unity of purpose, an allied attack against corporate tyranny and the bloviations of billionaires, our public schools remain increasingly impounded by those who would reinvent segregation in schools, disrupt communities, and dismantle real learning and replace it with pogroms that drive data points to work sectors. To work paths which continue to drive an increasing disparity between those who have and those who’s shot for real success is merely a blank cartridge.

    [This comment is presented by a teacher who dealt with No Child Left Behind for four years before they made the choice to quit after decades in the classroom. NCLB purposefully, albeit poorly, camouflaged those new cities on the hill, twinkling expansions of corporate power, prefacing the further domination of the common weal (nationally and internationally), our U.S. public schools included. As the demented, fatuous, and irrationality of NCLB continuously coerced teachers to browbeat, to shotgun round pegs into square holes, more school staff rightly foresaw this act as a designed scaffolding for future delimiting of curriculum and instruction. Of ever increasing high stakes testing.

    Is the current determined race to the bottom (RTTT) and the mandated capture of public schools a collusive final solution devised by America’s (and foreign) corporations and specious, injudicious, governmental decision-making?]


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