All right, enough with this stuff. Final parody for now: Hitler finds out his schools did not make #AYP

Uh oh, he does not sound happy. Now, folks that are hip to the Internets should know this meme and realize that I am NOT calling “eduformers” Hitler. Look up Downfall parodies. They’re everywhere. Here’s my contribution to the meme.

Hitler finds out his schools did not make AYP. from Chalk Face on Vimeo.


  1. This is the funniest (and saddest) things I’ve viewed in a while. Brilliantly executed, to the point where after a while, I found myself forgetting what he was probably yelling and accepting that it was about some large school district.

    Now, if you could find a way to superimpose Michelle Rhee’s face. . . oh, wait: that WOULD be suggesting that the school deformers were like Hitler. Can’t do that. But it would be funny.


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