Is wireless internet a good investment for schools?Sent to Seattle Times, May 30, 2012 Re: “Seattle construction levy may include wireless Internet for all schools,” May 28, 2012. By the time voters in Seattle decide whether they want to spend $11.5 million (that’s about $200 per student) largely to install wireless internet in Seattle schools, […]

Sometimes the comments are more profound than the story: Comment on CommonDreams to Valerie Strauss story on High Stakes Standardized Tests The question, reported by the New York Daily News, referred to a story similar to the famous Aesop fable about the tortoise and the hare, but in this version, a talking pineapple challenges a […]

Sent to the Columbus Dispatch, May 30, 2012 High school credit for middle-school courses is of course a step in the right direction, but doesn’t go nearly far enough (“Middle-schoolers get additional shots at taking high-school courses,” May 30). Why wait until middle school? We should strengthen instruction in the earlier years as well. Back […]