Sent to the New Republic, Nov 29, 2011 Contrary to Kevin Corey’s description (Dec 15, 2011, “The Dissenter,”) when Diane Ravitch discusses international test scores, she does not compare the best American schools to other countries’ average scores. Rather, she is citing analyses that consider the effects of poverty. The crucial finding is that middle-class […]

Online and for-profit teacher “preparation,” another innovative job creating strategy from the job creators who created Rick Perry.  A clip from the Hechinger Report: iteachTEXAS, begun in 2003, is the first for-profit, non-university based alternative certification program to expand across state lines, with the newly created iteachU.S. operating programs in Louisiana and Tennessee. Additional offshoots […]

I don’t really comment much on higher education, but the Regents of the UC system should be ashamed and embarrassed: Before they left the small room, the regents voted unanimously to ask the state to increase the university’s funding for the 2012-13 fiscal year to $2.7 billion from $2.3 billion. The regents also approved salary […]

You don’t have to be from New York to support the effort: Support the Paper! Join the thousands of educators and concerned citizens across New York State and our country who support our efforts! Everyone is welcome to support the paper! Across New York State, there is growing concern about the direction being taken by […]