A teacher in one of the schools where I supervise student teachers brought this up to me today. I guess my post about bullying made it to a larger piece in NEA Today. Nice, I had no idea. But where did they get THAT picture? Interesting.

ABC news is reporting on a 9/11 themed coloring book, replete with Islamophobic imagery.  As he describes it, the book is a 12-hour narrative of the events that happened on the day that forever changed America. Kids can color in the twin towers, Navy SEALS, former president George W. Bush, just to name a few. […]

My students will be reading The Children in Room E4 for a course I’m teaching on urban education. I saw on my Twitter feed a link to the costs of implementing NCLB. One state in particular, Connecticut, is the setting of the Eaton book. Specifically, in New Haven, so here’s the cost at the local […]