I was at that “art protest” on Wednesday, organized by my colleague Morna at Towson University. Here’s more coverage of the event. I will admit: some of the dolls were kind of creepy. But when Strauss refers to it this way, it seems even less explicable: Three of a larger group of protesters who went to […]

A lot going on because of the SOS March, although I’m afraid that much will be eclipsed by the debt debate. The SOS organizers responded to the DOE and The White House, basically refusing the invitation to meet with officials. Here’s the statement, courtesy of Rheefirst: We sincerely appreciate the interest of the White House […]

A lot of press throughout the country regarding the SOS March. Check some out Here, Here,  and Here. And, a great post by Alfie Kohn basically tapping the ethos of the entire march. I couldn’t do the conference, but I’ll be at the rally on Saturday. I’ll take my bike around town, see if I can get a bunch […]

If you thought the recession’s impact on schools was swift and immediate, think again. Sure – revenues dipped, but stimulus funds made things less worse than they would have been otherwise. Now that those funds are nearly entirely gone… From the Center on Budget and Policy and Priorities: The cumulative effect of four consecutive years […]